Ubuntu Web Server Administration

A reference guide to running a secure Linux Ubuntu web server.

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# Prologue

The mountain top lake was still, the surface water like a mirror reflecting the few clouds that dotted the Spring sky. All was peaceful. The sun had just appeared over the horizon and the birds were beginning to stir. However, the silence was about to be broken.

Deep in the lake, the creature was awakening. It had laid dormant, hibernating for a hundred years, evading capture. Now it was hungry. It was time to feed again.

Small froglets jumped at the side of the lake, unaware of the danger that was about to surface. Bubbles formed on the surface of the lake shattering the mirror illusion. Two yellow eyes emerged from the darkness like periscopes scanning for danger.

The creature slowly rose out of the lake, its skin glistening like wet leather. It hauled its huge body onto the shore, pausing to let the early morning sun dry its skin.

Swinging its head from side to side the create sniffed the air - searching for the tell tale signs of prey. Finding what it craved the beast let out a blood-curdling howl which echoed through the mountain range instilling fear into indigenous wildlife.


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